Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Fun!

We have been trapped inside for the past couple of days due to a little snow and a bad case of croup.  I have been working on Super Grover capes for Julian's first birthday party coming up and haven't made any new bows this week, BUT have been doing some brainstorming and Ava and I have some ideas up our sleeves.

Speeking of Ava, here is the quote of the week.  I showed Ava one of the capes I made for the party and she said, "Mom, do you think I could try it on, I just need to take it on a little test drive!"

Here are some pics of this past week.  Happy Holidays!

Julian, almost a year old!

Ava and Scott working hard on a gingerbread house.  Notice Julian's feet are crossed!

The finished product!

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