Sunday, December 11, 2011

On Dasher...On Dancer...

Another fun filled weekend included Glorious Christmas Nights, so amazing, and then a trip to the James Center to see lights with friends.  We are all finally feeling the Christmas Spirit!  I can't say that much for the poor deer at the James Center after Julian and Ava were through with them.  Poor deer...Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Ava at Glorious Christmas Night 

James Center

Playing with the reindeer

Really hammin' it up

Getting ready to break a tree

Breakin' it down in front of the big tree

Julian and Grace

Pretty Deer

Ava and Grace

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sleigh Rides and Jingle Bells

 We visited Scott's Uncle and Aunt's beautiful house in Chatham, Va. for Thanksgiving and the kids had so much fun exploring in the woods.  This weekend we did our annual carriage ride at Sycamore Square and then wrapped up the weekend with the Christmas Parade!  So much holiday fun!  Ava chopped almost ten inches off of her hair for Pantene's Beautiful Lengths...very exciting!

Lots of noise!

Carriage Ride

The infamous reindeer float



Fun in the stands

The Big Man

Before the cut

After, so happy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Giddy Up!

Fun in the wheelbarrow
 We went riding this weekend with Aunt Julie and her sweet horse, Streak (Monster).  It was a great time at the barn, and Julian did his first  "real" riding!  He loved it!  Thanks Julie, and Streak, for a wonderful afternoon!
Down by the river

"I'm gonna get you!"

Having fun in the hay pile!

Hangin' with Julie

"I look good."

Sweetest horse!!!

Ready to go!

Back of the truck

Ava:  the old pro...

Quiet moment in the wheelbarrow

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scary Halloween

 This Halloween turned out to be super scary, scary in that both of my little rock stars were too sick to go anywhere, so we had to do a re-do...a couple days later.  Oh well, they still sort of enjoyed dressing up, or I really enjoyed watching them walking around with crazy hair!  We will try again next year...
The Real Deal

Much more interested in her Target ad.

"Peace out Mom, for real..."

Courtesy smile," Mom can I please look at this ad???"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkins Please!

Pics before parade.

Sees something he likes at the parade!

Ava scored some popcorn!
 We had a fun family weekend, Midlothian Fall Parade and pumpkin picking at Cross Creek Nursery.  Ava picked the funniest pumpkin she could find, a square shaped green pumpkin.  She said it reminded her of Spookley...enjoy!
Sweet goat at Cross Creek Nursery.

Climbing fence at Cross Creek

Proud of their pumpkins!